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Wuthering Heights, xviii, xix

Twelve years beyond Cathy’s death.

“Catherine” now refers to the daughter: she is “the most winning thing that brought sunshine into a desolate house” (155), but is also saucy and petulant.

Catherine wants to wander beyond what is known, but her father forbids it for the avoidance of Heathcliff. One wonders why Ellen Dean did not suss the meaning of “crossing the Desert with caravan” (157).

Catherine Jr. attempts making Penistone Crags, but encountering Hareton near the Heights, and the unsuing dog battle, undoes the plan. A panicked Nell finds her at the house.

Catherine a wonderful time with Hareton until he tells her he’ll be damned to be her servant (157). She is further shocked to learn they are cousins. Hareton is described as althletic and healthy, “good things lost in a field of weeds” (161).

Edgar returns with a weak Linton who cries and cries. He’s not there a whole day before Joseph shows up, on behalf of Linton’s father Heathcliff, to claim him as parent and guardian.

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