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You want constant interaction and entertainment. You view this as a right.
Let me tell you what has not likely occurred to you: some valuable experiences will not unfold if you interact with them.

The ancient sages watched closely the animals. From the animals, man learned movement and technique that he emulated, a step in mastery of the earth.
Further refined, the sages refined these techniques into the animal styles of martial arts, of dance.

Had these people yelled out, approached the animals, the animals would have fled, and the movements and ways would not have unfolded.

The insights and techniques that man learned resulted from his employment of one of the most basic of skills: quiet invisibility.

You let fly with your loudly voiced opinion as soon as the action begins, and you alter it. The performer, like an animal, begins to observe you warily. The performance, if it doesn’t cease outright, will likely be affected.

Lao Tse advices us, simply, yet deeply: “In action, watch the timing.”
To further explain: Know when to act, and when not to.

Quiet observation is an action of considerable worth.

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