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The Great Gatsby: Notes on chapter VI

The reporter’s arrival: foreshadowing.

Platonic conception

“So he invented just the of the sort of Jay Gatsby that a seventeen-year–old boy would be likely to invent, and to this conception he was faithful to the end.”

“ferocious indifference to the drums of his destiny, to destiny itself”: the college didn’t seem to recognize that James Gatz was full of swag.

Madame de Maintenon.
(I know you are highly likely to see this name and not recognize it, and I know that you have the intellectual curiosity stop and take the 30 seconds it takes to look it up.)

When Tom and the two others show up unexpectedly on horseback, take note of the fickleness of social interaction, and Gatsby’s naivety in believing it.

“I’d rather look at all these famous people in – in oblivion.” The wisest thing Tom ever says.

Later, “Tom appeared from his oblivion”

Has Tom always womanized? What’s your evidence for that? (do you get the notion that “what’s your evidence for that” indicates that I might ask you for an essay on it?)

Daisy’s reaction to West Egg on page 108.

What is the etymology of “bootlegger”?

“And she doesn’t understand,” he said. “She used to be able to understand. We’d sit for hours – –”. Brother, I feel you.

“Can’t repeat the past?” he cried incredulously. “Why of course you can!” How does this tie into the clock on the mantelpiece?

Nick tries to form a phrase that won’t congeal, and is incommunicable forever. Deeply symbolic.

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