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Understanding poetry: terminology mnemonics

Close readers of the lists noted that I have arranged the terminology so that the first letters create the phrase mnemonic “The airship fuel.”

see https://kingsleyandersen.com/2013/08/05/understanding-poetry-rhyme-v-2/

In v.2 I have added consonance, assonance, and repetition, thus increasing the mnemonic to “The airship fuel car.”  As this may not appeal to your tastes, I offer the following mnemonics to aid you in memorizing the basics of rhyme. (If you don’t find any that stick in your memory, you are a hard nut indeed.)

Hi! Uplift a searcher
Relish fruit: a peach
A catfish pie hurler
Here, hurl a pacifist
Theirs a careful hip
Each a pushier flirt
A fireplace hurt his
A heretical fur ship
A peachier lush rift
Either hip’s a fulcra
Hire a plushier fact
A ripe flesh haircut
A haircut fire helps
Hurl a feistier chap
A filthier chap’s rue
Hurries a life patch
Charities fur a help
A spherical fire hut
He’s a spherical fruit
Uh, a seraphic lifter
Hurl a heraphic serif
Plus a charier thief
A charier he uplifts
Flip her a Eucharist
A chapel hires fruit
Preach a filthier us
Hi purchaser! A filet?
Hi! Purchase a trifle
Reach a flusher tipi
Hi! A spiteful archer
Hurl a spacier thief
A practice flier, huh?
A practice rifle, huh?
Uh a shiftier parcel

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