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Hamlet, I.iii 1-55

Before Laertes leaves again for college in France, he warns his sister that Prince Hamlet might actually believe that he loves her, but as heir to the throne, he will not be a totally free man to make his choice:

Then weigh what loss your honor may sustain/If with too credent ear you list his songs/Or lose your heart or your chaste treasure open/To his unmastered importunity (I.iii.33-36).

Best safety lies in fear.

Ophelia says she will listen, but, says she, make sure, brother, that you do not act the hypocrite (49-55).



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No, this does not belong to Baz Luhrmann, despite the egregious misattribution. That he put it to song and included it in his frenetic Romeo and Juliet is probably true–I’ve not seen it–but the essay belongs to Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune.

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